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Are you the parents of high school age students beginning the college process or do you already have a student in college and know there has to be an easier way? You can learn to relieve the stress, confusion, complexity and reduce the cost associated with your student going to the right school for the right price.

Although the circumstances may change, the struggles families are going through are remarkably similar. See if any of these sound familiar to you:

  • You feel that there is no financial aid eligibility due to your income/assets and are seeking colleges based upon cost. You have heard of the family who does well paying ‘next to nothing’ for their student’s college education. The reality is, with proper planning, a lot of families who are not eligible for need based aid are awarded college merit awards due to the process of positioning their student favorably in the eyes of the college. It turns out that the cost of the college should never be the initial criteria for choosing a college.

  • Because of the high cost of education, you may have to alter retirement plans to pay for college. The last thing you will ever do is to minimize your retirement planning. You will not be able to borrow for retirement so don’t spend it on college. Once you link college with retirement, you will be able to have both.

  • You haven’t saved enough money to pay for college costs for your first student let alone the younger ones. The fact is, over 90% of families do not have enough cash on hand to pay for one year of college no matter what their income. The reality is, funding college is not a savings issue but it is a cash flow issue. Properly structured cash flow can greatly increase your ability to handle the costs of college without giving up lifestyle. You are looking to properly craft your cash flow and assets to make paying for college a reality.







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