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  1. Why should we consider paying for college funding Planning?
    Working with a Certified College Planning Specialist can make you aware of planning strategies and techniques that can result in thousands of dollars in savings. As college and retirement cash flow experts, we are trained to integrate income tax credits, income tax deductions, and a wide variety of cost saving and cash flow friendly methods for funding college and retirement simultaneously.

    College has become one of the largest investments most parents will ever make...your home and retirement would be the other two you would typically fund Having an expert guide you through the process can result in substantial savings that can be redirected to your other financial objectives.
  2. What type of family would benefit from this type of planning?
    Business owners and families that make over $80,000 per year in income will see the biggest results. We cater to families that generally do not qualify for substantial or no ‘need based’ financial aid., but have students with above average grades and/or athletic ability, artistic ability or other uniqueness that can be effectively marketed to colleges.
  3. I already work with a financial advisor...can’t they do this planning for me?

    There are just over 500 Certified College Planning Specialists throughout the United States. Just as a CPA is an expert in income tax law and strategies, a CCPS in an expert in cash flow and financial planning as it relates to funding college and retirement (most parents don’t know how college and retirement are linked). Our job is to look at your situation, work with your existing advisors and design a plan that works for you.
  4. We make too much money and won’t qualify for financial could we possibly benefit from your services?

    The fact is, getting admitted and paying for college has become a complex and confusing process. The strategies and tactics the colleges use themselves to attract and retain the brightest and wealthiest students require the family to educate themselves on innovative and creative methods to capture tax efficient dollars that are available virtually to everyone sending their kids to college.
  5. What does it cost?

    Our fees are based on the complexity of your situation. Generally, they range from $1200 to $2400. Discount programs are structured for those families sending more than one student to college.

    If we are not able to provide you at least 4X the value of our fee, we will not consider it a good fit for our services and your objectives. We are dedicated to being one of the best ‘return on investment’ services you will employ.