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A college education is key.  We send our kids to college either because we went or we didn’t.  Regardless, we appreciate that a college education can open doors to our child’s future success and happiness.

College is expensive.  College tuition increases on average 7% annually and only 1 in 4 students are graduating on-time.  Both factors can raise college costs drastically and seriously impact your family’s bigger financial plan.  Taking the time to understand the process and taking control is key to reducing college costs.

The financial aid system is purposefully complex and confusing. 90% of financial aid requests are submitted with errors or inconsistencies causing delays and losses in financial aid awards.  With over $100 billion dollars available in aid every year and 20% of it in the colleges’ own coffers, knowing what colleges have it and how to get it is crucial to our process and to our families financial security. 

You can pay for college without going broke.  For all practical purposes, parents’ zeal to put their children through college at any price, paired with unrestrained borrowing to cover rising college costs, only accentuates the problem. Using a proprietary “student positioning” concept, families can pay for college using strategies to increase cash flow, save thousands in yearly tuition expenses, and utilize tax and investment savings.  All potentially making a college education a financial “non-event.”

The financial aid formulas may not accurately reflect what you can really afford. Many families hope that financial aid will relieve the burden of paying for college.  The reality is that most financial aid awards come in the form of loans.

Our Unique Process

The Academics Done Right, the Finances Fall Into Place

  •  Step 1 - Expectations
    • What Brings you in?
    • What issues keep you up at night?
    • What has worked - Why?
    • What hasn't worked - why?
    • Is there a fit?
  • Step 2 - Meeting Your Student 
    • Student focused approach - their opinion really matters!
    • Review Enrollment Management - How colleges choose students
    • How SAT/ACT scores, GPA and College Choice are related
    • Overview of our Engus Online Process: Platinum and Diamond Plans
    • Overview of the Student Positioning process to focus the student
  • Step 3 - Cash Flow for College
    • Design how to pay for college without breaking the bank
    • Becoming financially appealing to the college
    • Designing your ideal accumulation vehicle(s)
    • Learn how to eliminate mortgage and consumer debt very quickly
    • Accelerate accumulation for retirement with an eye toward tax preferred income
    • In the end, your family will have greatly reduced their out of pocket costs


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