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Education Funding Specialists, Inc. works hands-on with families who want the most value from their education dollar. Our college funding services are designed for parents and students to assist with career choices, college selection and financial assistance. Our unique process is designed to address the challenges and issues facing college bound students. We customize a series of programs to fit the needs of our family’s unique circumstances and goals. We will hold your hand through the entire process of positioning both the student and the parents for optimal results in the college admissions and funding process.

Family Financial Positioning
We will teach parents how to maintain their current life style, continue funding retirement, and pay for college ….all at the same time. We are experts at discovering missed cash flow and ‘tax scholarships’ to create the funding necessary for a top notch education. We will create a comprehensive plan with college funding and retirement as core objectives. We strive to be as cash flow neutral and tax neutral as financially possible.

Student Positioning
Student positioning is the art of matching the student’s academic abilities and desires with a group of college's where the student can be successful. This is coupled with matching the institution’s ability to give financial assistance (both merit and need based) with the family’s ability to pay.

Student positioning has two steps:

Step one provides the student access to an online aptitude session designed to confirm or focus a student’s career goals and subsequent major(s) to pursue.

Step two is a phone interview with one of our professional career counselors. The counselor will discuss with the student the realities of choosing the right college. This call will last from 45 minutes to an hour or more. At least one of the student’s parents must be in attendance to listen in and is encouraged to ask questions. This is a powerful tool to successfully match the student to the right college based on a set of scientific factors – SAT/ACT scores, high school GPA, the family’s finances, the student’s educational interest and the student’s general outlook on life. We will not choose the college for you but rather make the whole family aware of the right college(s) based on their circumstances.
This second step can reduce the overall cost of a higher education for all families that employ the scientific approach. The process helps in two ways. First it should help the student graduate in four years instead of five and it shows how to find academic awards for those who qualify.

Our Unique Process to Pay for College

We will teach the parents of college-bound students how to maintain their current lifestyle, continue to fund their own retirement, and pay for college…all at the same time.

Academic Outcomes Financial Outcomes
Good Academic and Social Fit No Lingering College Debt
Merit Award Eligible Eliminate Consumer Debt
  Eliminate Mortgage Debt
  Continue Retirement Accumulation