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Education Funding specialists, Inc. is dedicated to assisting families in the complicated and often confusing process of determining how they will pay for college without incurring unnecessary debt or postponing retirement.

Client portal to your web based Engus System may save $1,000's in taxes if you continue to read!!!!!

Do you have an adjusted gross income over $100,000 and you are told you can not convert your IRA's to Roth IRA's? If you answered 'yes', we have great news for you.

I will preface the urgency in getting to tax free accumualtion and income with as many of your financial vehicles as possible with a segment from the show 60 Minutes.  The comptroller general of the US, David Walker, sounded a clarion in the 60 Minutes segement warning of the impending tax crises in the coming years due to the government's out of control spending.

You now  have the ability beginning in 2010 to convert your traditional taxable IRA to a non-taxable Roth IRA and spread the taxes due over two tax years.  Our families are beginning the process immediately. This is simply a gift from the government that can not be passed up. In our process, we can also account for the taxes due on the conversion as you pay for college and eliminate your mortgage and consumer debt.  To get a glimpse of the process check out the info from the Wall Street Journal. In some case, we are able to utilize the converted Roth IRA to fund a portion of the college costs.  You may have grown tired of the roller coaster ride your invesments have been on and may be very interested in how to acquire market returns without any of the risk of loss of either principle or gains.  Take a look at one of the vehicles we use to handle the conversion from the IRA to the Roth and then secure your investment against any risk in the market.

The Academics Done Right, the Finances Fall Into Place

NBC did an interview with a couple of wealth managers (the S&P was at 1338) and suggested a new asset class to give you guarantees, a rate of return, accessibility and is considered Tire I Capital in the banking industry.  If you are looking for an alternative to the speculation in the market and want resonable rates of return and feel your broker is the only one making money, take a look at the NBC segment to see if this could become part of your financial strategy. Our families who have already implemented this strategy have not participated in any of the loses that have occurred over the past  two years.   

As part of a strategy to pay for college, our families have responded to their own dismal portfolio returns by implementing concepts highlighted right out of the pages of the best selling book, 'The Pirates of Manhattan' by Barry Dyke. He puts into words with great detail what you have thought all along.

Guess what, in what our families thought was the burdensome task of paying for college educations(s), has now become the impetus to designing strategies that not only can pay for college but eliminate consumer and mortgage debt and yield predicatable returns without fear of loss.  These design encompass what NBC is just getting their heads around and what Barry Dyke has been telling all who would listen for years.

In the college planning process, the over used and sometimes abused rhetoric of planning college cost containment involved the use of life insurance for the sake of life insurance.  Not so any more.  In our practice, our families build a plan that has a direct correlation to the college Enrollment Management Process. The unassessd quality of the life insurance contract as viewed by the colleges themselves and the unique financial properties coupled with guarantees, no risk of loss, tax preferred treatment, market like returns in up markets and unmatched income strategies never before discussed by your current planner give this strategy unmatched resilience and flexibilty in the college funding design. 

In building your college funding plan, you will get unprecedented access to concepts that are unique to the life insurance contract that are rarely spoken.  Before you dismiss this as too good to be true or just someone trying to sell life insurance to folks who don't want it, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would you prefer a plan to be taxable, tax deferred or tax free?
  2. Would you prefer to swing for the fences in attempt to regain loses and perhaps strike out alot or would you like to make contact and hit singles and doubles on the way to the Hall of Fame?
  3. When you get interest credited to your account, how long do you want to hold onto the interest?  Do you want to risk its loss or would you like it locked in never to be lost?
  4. Do you want to have 100% of your principle and interest at risk of loss or would you want guarantees?
  5. Would you prefer taxable or tax free income? With or without required distributions?
  6. Do you want to continue trying to time the market or would prefer to always be ready to move up with the market without fear of risk? 
  7. Do you want the government dictating whether you qualify to contribute to the plan and how much you can contribute?  
  8. Do you want the colleges to consider your assets for aid purposes...both need and merit based (Think Enrollment Management).

If you have not designed and implemented your plan, contact us to get cracking on it.


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