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Success Story 1

Picking the Perfect Academic Fit.

The Family:The family realized early in the high school years she was a gifted student. Not wanting anything to hold back her potential, the family began to search for the best group of name colleges they could find to allow there daughter’s potential to blossom. They spent the spring of her junior year in high school visiting colleges that fit academically.

The issue: When the dust settled in May, the family realized their daughter had chosen colleges that are very high priced private universities that do not give merit aid and the family would not qualify for need based awards resulting in paying full price at each of the colleges. The parents believed they would never be eligible for any financial assistance from any college..

The Process: The parents attended one of our classes held at a local library. During the class, a light bulb went off in their head…they could be eligible for merit awards based upon their daughters academics! They came in for an hour consultation to see if there was a fit with their objectives and what we can deliver. We continued forward with our student positioning process of determining the student’s college desires, objectives and how she foresaw her college career leading to a fulfilling career. We conducted the student interview building a group of colleges on the same academic tier as the colleges she had painstakingly chosen. The only difference was the additional colleges offered merit awards based primarily on academics. Once the additional schools were selected, we moved on to paying for the family’s out of pocket expenses. The family had one more child to educate two years later. We implemented a college funding plan to pay for both college educations without threatening the parent’s retirements. We utilized what we call our Circle of Wealth process utilizing cash flow strategies and the tax code to pay for college. The family was relieved to understand that they did not have to severely restrict their lifestyle to come out of pocket to the tune of $400,000 over a six year period..

The outcome: Not only did the student get accepted at the majority of the colleges she applied to, but there was merit awards conferred, also. She did get accepted at colleges from her original list (paying full price) and colleges from her additional list. The average merit award for her reduced her family’s out of pocket expense by nearly $16,000 annually. The merit aid saved the parents $64,000 over the four years of the daughter’s college years and we anticipate similar results with the younger student. The relief of the financial stress allowed the parents to continue building their own financial future. The family realized you can not compartmentalize each step of the college process. They found by linking the college decision with their financial capabilities, they were rewarded with a great academic fit for their daughter and a cost structure that allowed them to continue to increase their net worth.